Baptist Park Preschool and Daycare

12501 Telegraph Road

Taylor, MI 48180

Director: Mrs. Kristina Wright


Baptist Park Preschool and Daycare is a ministry of Gilead Church. Our school will be your child’s “home away from home” in the coming years. Our staff has been with us for an average of 10 years, and they are trained to teach and protect the children in our center. We look forward to sharing in your child’s life and getting to know you along the way!

Hours of Operation

Monday though Friday from 7:00am until 6:00pm.

We are closed on the following holidays: Good Friday, Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after, as well as December 24th through January 1st.

Open Door Policy

Parents are welcome to drop in unannounced at any time of the day. Sometimes, however, visits can be upsetting to your little one when you leave without them, so it is up to you to decide if your child can handle the visits. Please remember that during the day, our attention is with the children, and if you wish to confer with the director or the staff, please call to set up an appointment that is convenient for both parties.

Fee Schedule

A child must attend a minimum of two days per week (Half or Full Days). There is a $25.00 enrollment fee due before the first day of school. This fee will hold your child’s reservation in one of our classes. There is a $12.00 materials fee due every September for re-enrolling children. Payments are to be made every Monday. You must pay on Monday for the upcoming week. PAYMENTS ARE DUE BEFORE SERVICES ARE RENDERED. Tuition will not be charged when the preschool is closed for holidays or weather conditions. There will be a $15.00 fee charged for all returned checks for any reason. After two checks, we will accept cash only. After three returned checks, your child will be dismissed from school. The school has the right to dismiss and child due to lack of payment. Baptist Park Preschool and Daycare cannot give refund checks for any reason, so please keep an eye on the credits on your account. PayPal payments are accepted.

Enrollment/Withdrawal Policy

Children will be admitted into our program when there is an opening in the appropriate classroom, and all necessary documentation is presented to the school. These include: Child Information Card (a new one will be required every year), Child Health Appraisal (a new one will be required every year), and a Parent/Provider Contact. We reserve the right to deny care to any child if we do not feel qualified to meet that child’s needs. A week’s notice will be given to any child who is asked to leave.


When you arrive, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is left under the supervision of the appropriate staff person. For safety reasons, only the people you have indicated on your emergency form will be allowed to pick up your child. When someone other than yourself arrives to pick up your child, they will be asked to show identification. Children will not be released to anyone without parental authorization and proper I.D. Please plan on arriving before 6:00pm. Should you realize that you are running late, please notify the center as soon as possible. Please note, there is a $15.00 fee for EVERY FIVE MINUTES after 6:00pm. If this fee is charged to your account more than twice a year, your child will be dismissed from the center. The school opens at 7:00am, and the deadline to drop off is 9:00am. Please do not bring your child any later than 9:00am as preschool classes begin at 8:30am.

Absence/Vacation Days

All children are required to have a set schedule. If you need care on a day your child is not scheduled to come, you need to ask the director.

All full time children (Monday through Friday, all day) will begin the year with 17 days they are allowed to miss without being charged. After the 17th day, you will be charged for any days missed, whether you call or not.

All children attending less than full time (full days) will receive three days for every day they are scheduled to attend school. Example: Johnny is signed up to attend on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, all day. Johnny will have nine days that he will be allowed to miss without being charged. After the ninth day, parents will be charged for each missed day whether they call or not.

All children attending half days will only receive two days for every day they are scheduled to attend. Example: Sarah is signed up to attend school on Mondays and Wednesdays, half day. Sarah will have four days that she will be allowed to miss without being charged. After the fourth day, parents will be charged for each missed day whether they call or not.

Any days that the school is closed, which includes snow days and holidays, will not count toward your number of days allowed to be missed without being charged.

Any change in your child’s scheduled days mid-year will result in an adjustment to the days allowed to be taken without being charged MINUS the days already used. Any child that missed two weeks in a row without notifying the school will be taken off the enrollment list, and will have to re-enroll if they wish to still attend school.

Proper Attire

Please send your child to school in comfortable clothes. Also, please remember to send an extra set of clothes to be kept in your child’s locker in the event f an accident. Make sure that all clothing is labeled with your child’s name. In the winter, please remember that the children will go outside, so bring appropriate attire for outside play.

Nap/Quiet Time

All children will be given a two-hour rest period every day. Cots will be provided. Please bring your child’s favorite blanket and pillow, and please be sure to label these items with your child’s name. These items will be kept in the locker so make sure they are on the smaller side. It is required that all blankets and pillows be taken home every week to be washed.


Your child will be offered a nutritious snack in the morning and afternoon. You may send a simple breakfast with your child if you arrive before 8:30am. We will provide a hot lunch everyday, and a menu will be sent home every Friday. If you have a picky eater, please feel free to bring them a lunch. The daycare will not serve pop to children at any time of the day.

Illness Policy

Baptist Park Preschool and Daycare is not equipped to care for sick children. The following symptoms would indicate that a child is too sick to participate in daily activities: fever, rash, eye infections, vomiting, and diarrhea. If your child becomes ill while in our care, you will be contacted and required to pick up your child immediately. If your child has the symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, they will not be allowed to attend school for 24 hours. Please notify the director if your child has ben exposed to chicken pox, measles, Rosella, scarlet fever, or any other contagious diseases.


Our policy is that we will not administer any fever reducing medication to your child while in our care. If your child is well enough to attend, it will be assumed that they are well enough to play and participate in all the planned activities. If your child requires medication while in our care, you will need to sign a form and give written instructions for its administration.If medication is prescription, it must have a pharmacy label with the child’s name, medication name, and dosage instructions. A record will be kept of the time medication was given.


We believe in a positive approach to discipline. we try to “catch” children being good and offer constant encouragement, we will teach appropriate behavior and redirect the child’s activity. When necessary, a “time-out” will be given to allow a child time to consider his/her actions. If any unacceptable behavior arises, the teacher will talk to the parents and let them know what is going on. The school also has the right to dismiss any student due to behavior problems.


A written report will be kept for each accident resulting in an injury. We will treat all minor injuries with the appropriate first aid. All of our staff is CPR and first aid trained. If serious injury occurs, you will be contacted to make a determination whether medical attention is needed. If you are unavailable, your emergency contact person will be notified. In the case of an emergency situation, we will call 911, and notify you immediately. The director or a staff member and your child’s records will accompany your child to the hospital until you arrive.

Snow Days

In case of a snow day at our school, there will be a reminder text sent out through the Remind App and an email will be sent out as well. If the preschool and daycare is closed, it will be listed with school closings on channel 4 under Baptist Park Preschool.